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Flight #5: One Hour Flight

Flight #5: One Hour Flight
$250.00 per unit for buying at least 2

Weather Requirements:  6000 foot ceilings with 10 miles visibility

"The Ghost Trains"
This is our moosiest flight. It includes all of flight #2 and #3 with a big piece of the Allagash thrown in. After leaving the park northbound we fly all the shallow ponds along Chesuncook, by Chesuncook Village, then turn East over the venerable Ghost Trains for a great photo op. For spectacular finish we cruse the 45 peaks of Baxter.

This flight is rich with history, wildlife, and beauty. What a great photo opportunity to gather a true snapshot of Baxter, The West Branch,  The East Branch, The Allagash and of course the Ghost Trains. It would take a week to see this much from the ground.

All flights are based on a two-person minimum.


Contact Details

      P. O. Box 171
      207-723-8378 or 1-866-359-6246