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All flights are based on a two person minimum. Rainbow Lake is literally the crown jewel of Northern Maine. Why? It has unusually clear water. It has crisp views of Katahdin. It has great fishing for Eastern Brook Trout and Blueback Char. It has nine smaller ponds and deadwaters that are accessable by trail. Speaking of trails the grand daddy of them all skirts the entire SW shore of Rainbow. Appalachian Trail hikers love Rainbow.

The land around Rainbow is owned by the Nature Conservency. They allow camping at designated camp sites using the same rules as North Maine Woods inc. Fire permits are required for camp fires. Katahdin Air will get them for you on request. Please respect the land so everyone can enjoy it.

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Results 1 - 1 of 1

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      P. O. Box 171
      207-723-8378 or 1-866-359-6246