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Weather Requirements:  3000 foot ceilings with 10 miles visibility and NO thunder storms in forecast. 

"Fly n' Dine"

This is our signature flight.

If you would like a truly unique dining experience this is it. You have a great choice of dining destinations: Nahmakanta Lake Camps, Chandler Lake Camps, Bradford Camps on Munsungan, and Libby Camps on Millinocket Lake (north).  We depart Katahdin Air around four PM for a truly memorable flight over some of Maine's most awe inspiring terrain and wildlife habitat. After dinner we return for a relaxing sunset flight over this incredible reigon.

Price includes flight and meal.

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Results 1 - 1 of 1

Contact Details

      P. O. Box 171
      207-723-8378 or 1-866-359-6246