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 Two small cabins on the shore of Reed Pond.  Sleeps a total of eight people in two cabins: a sleeping camp, and a main cabin that has cooking facilities.  Gas stove, woodstove heat, gas lights, dry sink.  Canoes, paddles and life jackets provided.  No extra charge for the phenomenal view....

 Reed Pond is truly unique.  It is centered in a Nature Conservancy old growth forest, and a mile away from the nearest drive-in access.  The pond has brook trout and a rare char species called a blue back trout.  Recent (2010) reclamation is intended to boost the fishing in the pond over the next few years to trophy status.


Please bring your own sleeping bags, food and drinking water.


$50 per person per night, min $300 total.


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Results 1 - 2 of 2

Contact Details

      P. O. Box 171
      207-723-8378 or 1-866-359-6246